Spirit Luo Ring


Title: 灵罗戒 Spirit Luo Ring
By: 夜·水寒 Ye Shui Han
Chapters: 1117 complete

Raws: http://shushu.com.cn/lingluojie/

Release schedule: Twice a week on random days.


Waging a holy war with the Templar Chief, the ruler of a province. Invading a fortress, the stronghold of a General. Attacking the Holy Emperor, the almighty ruler of the Imperial Dragon Continent! The Protagonist’s goal: To conquer the Imperial Dragon Continent, to become a Holy Emperor admired by the multitudes. With the Spirit Luo ring in his hand, Xia Yan will stand at the top of the world. With strong faith, an indomitable will, the perfect soul, plus the Spirit Luo Ring, no one shall stop his advance!

(If you like IET novels like Stellar Transformations and Coiling Dragon, you will definitely like this.)

Volume 1

Chap 1 Chap 2 Chap 3 Chap 4 Chap 5
Chap 6 Chap 7 Chap 8 Chap 9 Chap 10
Chap 11 Chap 12 Chap 13 Chap 14 Chap 15
Chap 16 Chap 17 Chap 18 Chap 19 Chap 20
Chap 21 Chap 22 Chap 23 Chap 24 Chap 25
Chap 26 Chap 27 Chap 28 Chap 29 Chap 30
Chap 31

9 Responses to Spirit Luo Ring

  1. Tasear says:

    Thanks for translating this series.

    Also welcome to the weekly reading list

    Liked by 1 person

  2. crazyboy1200 says:

    so like understanding the laws? not just breakthroughs?


  3. agila0212 says:

    Thanks for translating this series. Looking forward to reading it when there are more chapters available.


  4. AzureTech says:

    Just wondering, how often will you release chapters? or is there still not a set schedule for it? ^^
    Also, thanks for translating this series, as a fan of IET novels i got my hopes up high haha 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Daffy D says:

    bit late but happy halloween…

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Satz says:

    has this been dropped or is the translator just not posting anything at all… ???


  7. deadinsidezombie2000 says:

    any idea when it will be updated?


  8. Latasha says:

    I am no longer sure the place you’re getting your information, however good topic. I needs to spend a while learning much more or unstideandrng more. Thanks for magnificent information I was in search of this information for my mission.


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